Airman Pit

The Airman Pit in Bedfordshire is a popular fishing spot with a 4-acre lake that reaches depths of 30 feet.

It is known for its Wels catfish introduced in 1880, some growing over 60lb, and carp up to 30lb.

Anglers can also catch pike, roach, bream, tench, rudd, and perch.

Airman Pit

About Airman Pit

The Airman Pit in Bedfordshire used to be a clay pit, but was bought by SDAA in 1965. Over time, it has become a great fishing spot for both serious anglers and those looking for some leisurely fishing. The lake is about 4 acres in size and can reach depths of up to 30 feet in some areas. The fish in the lake respond well to different fishing techniques, and can often be found swimming near the reed-lined edges. The reed beds are home to a variety of birds and insects, making the lake a County Wildlife Site.

One special feature of The Airman is the Wels catfish that live there. These catfish are descendants of the ones introduced to the UK in 1880 by the Duke of Bedford. Some of them can grow to over 60lb, making them a unique and exciting catch for anglers. There are also carp in the lake, with some reaching up to 30lb. The club regularly introduces new carp to ensure that the fishing remains good for years to come.

During the winter months when the catfish are less active, anglers can try their luck with pike, which can reach over 20lb. Pleasure anglers can also have a great time catching smaller fish like roach, with some reaching over 1lb. There are also bream, tench, rudd, and perch in the lake, providing a variety of fishing opportunities for everyone.