Willington Lakes

Willington Lakes in Bedfordshire is a renowned 12-acre fishing lake managed by SDAA since 1985, known for its large carp.

The lake, a former gravel pit, has clear water and abundant weeds, attracting diverse wildlife.

With no public paths, visitors can peacefully enjoy fishing and nature, aiming to catch carp over 30 pounds by being stealthy and locating feeding spots.

Willington Lakes

Willington Lakes, Church Road, Willington, Bedfordshire, MK44 3QR, United Kingdom

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Willington Lakes

About Willington Lakes

Willington Lakes in Bedfordshire is a large fishing lake covering over 12 acres. Since 1985, SDAA has been managing the lake and it has become known for its big fish. The lake is a gravel pit with clear water and lots of weeds that provide food for the fish. The depth of the lake varies, with some areas reaching 14 feet deep.

The lake is also a County Wildlife Site, attracting birds and other animals. There are no public paths through the land, so you can enjoy the fishing and wildlife in peace.

The lake has produced big carp in the past, with some reaching over 40 pounds. Currently, there are around 150 carp in the lake, with many over 30 pounds. Over the years, more carp have been stocked to ensure good fishing for the future. The new carp have been growing fast and many are now over 20 pounds, with some even over 30 pounds.

To catch these big fish, it’s best to move around and find where the carp are feeding. They often like to feed in the shallow areas, especially in the warmer months. It’s important to be quiet and sneaky when approaching the fish.