Chew Valley Lake

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Chew Valley Lake
Herriots Bridge
West Harptree
BS40 6HN
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Fishery Information

Chew Valley is internationally renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and exceptional fishing opportunities. Anglers from all over the world flock to this destination, attracted by its scenic allure and the unparalleled quality of the sport it offers.

The lake is famous for its remarkable trout population, with sizes and conditions that are unmatched. Anglers can achieve success using a wide range of fishing methods and fly patterns, adapting their approach to the ever-changing conditions of the lake.

Chew Valley is a relatively shallow body of water, boasting an average depth of only 14ft at its highest point and a maximum depth of 37ft. The area that the lake encompasses was once fertile farmland, and it now serves as an ideal habitat for the thriving aquatic life that is crucial for maintaining the high standards of trout fishing found here. For the best advice on fishing areas, fly selection, and techniques, it is recommended to consult the knowledgeable staff at Woodford Lodge when visiting the lake.

For those looking to explore the lake by boat, there is a fleet of 32 motorboats available for hire. It is advisable to make advance bookings, particularly on weekends, with reservations accepted on a two-rod basis. However, boats that have not been reserved in advance can be booked on the day for afternoon or evening fishing sessions. Additionally, there is a specially designed Wheely Boat at Chew, exclusively for anglers in wheelchairs. This boat can be booked in advance.

In the interest of safety, all boat fishermen are required to wear lifejackets, which can be borrowed upon request. It is important to note that anchoring is prohibited from the Dam to the line of yellow buoys between the North Shore and The Sailing Club. Furthermore, a restricted area marked by white buoys in front of the Stratford bird hide prohibits boat entry.

Bank fishing is permitted along a significant portion of the lake perimeter. Wading is also allowed, although anglers must exercise caution as deep holes, ditches, and areas of soft mud can be found throughout the lake. It is important to respect the fishing restrictions in place, which include no fishing in front of the picnic areas, the dam, Herons Green embankment, or in front of the Sailing Club.