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Carp Tench
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Court Farm
Raghill, Aldermaston

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Carp Tench Perch Bream Roach Rudd
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Fishery Information

Court Farm Fishing Lakes are based in Aldermaston near Basingskoke and there are 3 fishing lakes.

Lake One is situated 50 metres from the car park.  It has 27 double and single swims and accommodates between 30-40 anglers.  The lake holds approximately 5000 fish including Roach up to 3lbs, Carp from 1lb-8lbs, Rudd up to 1.5lbs, Tench up to 8lbs and Perch up to 4.5lbs.

Lake Two is 15 metres from the car park and has 24 double and single swims, it accommodates approximately 30 anglers. This lake is also used for match fishing throughout the year. The lake holds approximately 4000 fish including Roach up to 3.5lbs, Carp up to 36lbs (record) averaging between 3-15lbs, Perch up to 3.5lbs, Rudd up to1.5lbs and Tench up to 8lbs.

Lake Three is the Specimen Lake opened in April 2003 and is 150 metres from the Car Park.  The lake has 18 single swims and is stocked with approximately 100 specimen carp from 8lb to 30lbs.  There are another 20 carp weighing in double figures to be added Summer 2004. The record catch for this lake is 28lb, and the record caught in one day is 17 doubles.