Grand Union Canal Section 'A'

Carp Tench
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Grand Union Canal Section 'A'
Oakfield Road

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Carp Tench Rudd
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Fishery Information

Grand Union canal – Aylesbury Arm: Red House, Aston Clinton to Marsworth
Day and guest tickets available throughout. There is good pedestrian access along the entire length and most sections can accommodate disabled anglers. Wilstone has specially constructed pegs and parking for use by disabled anglers (by use of RADAR key) close to the water.
Aston Clinton, Red House to Buckland to Puttenham
In recent years large common bream have been found in the early pegs at Buckland, and to the right of the bridge as you walk onto the towpath roach and tench are present. The boat channel holds some of the larger fish but the inside line is always worth considering. Many double figure carp are present along this stretch with some good chub, even cold weather does not deter the fish. The small pond just off the towpath about halfway between the bridges is part of our water – it contains rudd, tench and carp. Nearer to Puttenham the boats always tend to be the hotspots.
Puttenham to Wilstone
This is a very long stretch with only two access points at each end of the section However for those not afraid of a walk into the countryside the rewards can be tremendous. Carp into the twenties have been captured from this length of the canal and many backup fish of over 10lb are not uncommon. Large chub, bream, perch and roach have also been captured here, and rudd can also be found although not in as great numbers. Some of this length is featureless but do not be deterred – the fish ARE there.
Wilstone to Dixons Gap
Access can be gained from either Wilstone village bridge or Dixons Gap bridge. Parking is at present allowed in the field over the bridge at Dixons Gap for members only – please park on the hard standing only and do not obstruct any farm vehicles parked here. These pounds hold some very good silver fish and will respond to a variety of methods. As always some carp are present along with tench, chub, roach, gudgeon, skimmer bream and perch.
Dixons Gap to Marsworth
These pounds are both underrated and under fished with many species resident. Chub of up to 4lb (and still growing) along with a good head of carp some well into double figures. Tench up to 7lb are present too, roach and skimmer bream will make a good day’s sport with caster sometimes producing excellent specimens. Car parking at the Marsworth end can be difficult but do not be put of as these pounds often produce some exciting sport. Sweetcorn, carp pellets, worm, bread, caster and maggot all work well as well as luncheon meat. However be warned some of our more experienced members have broken more than one section of their pole at this venue! Evening sessions in warmer months can be very rewarding.
Car Parking
Marsworth, reservoir car park, Bridge 132
Dixons Gap, Bridge 2
Wilstone village green, Bridge 4
Puttenham, Bridge 7
Buckland, Bridge 8
Aston Clinton, Red House, Bridge 9