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Bluebell Lakes
Bluebell Lakes,
Tansor, Oundle, Peterborough,

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Welcome to Bluebell Lakes
Based in Peterborough, Bluebell lakes is one of the most prestigious carp waters in the UK.

All of our 5 Mature Carp fishing lakes provide the specimen carp angler with a large choice of swims to catch fish ranging from 10 to 59lb 09oz

Each Lake boasts an abundance of well positioned pegs to allow the experienced carp angler the opportunity to land those specimen carp.

Excellent Facilities
As far as fishing lakes go, Bluebell Lakes supply some of the best facilities to suit our anglers needs.

Male & Female Showers
Male & Female Toilets
On-Site Bait
Tackle Stockists
Benson’s Café



2/3 Rods – £15.00
Concession – £10.00
7AM – 8PM
2 Rods – £7.50
3 Rods – £10.00
2 Rods – £20.00
3 Rods – £22.00
6PM -8AM
24 Hour
2 Rods – £30.00
3 Rods – £32.50
36 Hours
2 Rods – £42.00
3 Rods – £47.00
48 Hours
2 Rods – £60.00
3 Rods – £65.00
2 Rods – £200.00
3 Rods – £220.00


24 Hour
3 Rods – £35.00
36 Hours
3 Rods – £50.00
48 Hours
3 Rods – £70.00
3 Rods – £235.00

Please note that the minimum age for Kingfisher and Swan Lake is 16 years (fishing or as a guest).

River Nene

2 Rods – £5.00
3 Rods – £7.50
2 Rods – £17.50
3 Rods – £20.00
24 Hour
2 Rods – £20.00
3 Rods – £25.00
2 Rods – £115.00
3 Rods – £135.00

Mallard Lake

The Carp Lake
Opened in 2008 Mallard Lake is the most heavily stocked water , stocked with a stunning strain of English Carp and despite the numbers of fish in the 15-30lb mark, It has also produced Carp to just under 50lb.

Bluebell’s largest lake at around twenty acres, again an attractive lake with views of Fotheringhay church in the background.

Huge Number of Mid – Large Carp
With in excess of forty pegs, Mallard will produce some positive catching action – in a beautiful and tranquil setting – as you would expect from this fishery.

Over the years the fish have grown well and the lake now stocks over 1000 carp in the double figures and it has now developed into highly stocked specimen water.

Day tickets are available in the same format and cost as Bluebell and Sandmartin as well as 24hr, 36hr and week tickets an option.forty

Mallard Carp Fishing Hotshots
In the summer month’s Mallard carp are not afraid to show off their numbers and often can be seen grouping together patrolling the lake.

The far bank offers a large shallow area where they are easily spotted, and feeding amongst the reeds is a common hideout.

The centre of the lake has often delivered great results for the carp anglers that visit, and don’t be afraid to keep topping the bait up around your traps.

Different features lend itself to different methods, shallows that go out for 30 yards, distance fishing over weed and margin fishing in the bays.

Crystal clear water can be weedy.

Multiple catches are possible with the chance of a big carp.

Sandmartin Lake
Underrated and under fished no, over shadowed probably. Sandmartin for a long while has been in the shadows of our other waters.

Another Lake Holding Carp to 50lb, a stunning Common called Tilley with a good head of 30’s and 40’s it can certainly be described as another specimen lake.

Sandmartin is around 7 acres with features unique to the complex with 20ft holes, patches of weed and shallow margins with clumps of rush’s and the original concrete pumping platform.

Carp Water
A nice water to fish with some interesting features and depths, with sucessful session anglers opting to fish Sandmartin Lakes as their first choice.

Fishing just off the rod tips in the deeper margins produce well, PVA bags dropped cose to weed is another prefered method.

Bluebell Lake
With a large stock of Carp in Bluebell up to the biggest of 40lb a big number of 20’s, Bluebell can give some good catches in the right conditions.

A Very picturesque tree lined 7 acre lake with mature Weeping Willows, flowering lily pads and reed line. Bluebell Lake is one of our more straight forward lakes to fish, with little weed and no need to fish at distance.

The margins fish well, under overhanging trees or just off a bed of lily pads. Other Residents of Bluebell are double figure Bream and Tench.

Carp Runs Water
What ever it is, the pure magic of just being on Bluebell Lake lures anglers back again and again.

Probably not knowing just what you will catch , or how big that fish is – is enough reason to fish Bluebell Lake.

Although Bluebell is suitable for less experienced angler, Each Carp angler is still expected to have their own 42” landing net, large unhooking mat and general tackle capable of landing and caring fish to 40lb.

Vehicle access to 95 percent of pegs.
Kingfisher Lake
Probably the best known water here at Bluebell. From the very start Kingfisher Lake established itself as an out and out Big Carp water with its most famous former residents being Benson at 64lb.

Kingfisher is about eight acres lined with mature trees, the lake bed has contours from shallows to depths, with plenty of features, crystal clear water clarity and abundance of naturals.

Specialist Carp Fishing Water
Kingfisher is one of the coplex’s weedier waters. Kingfisher has a massive head 40’s with the likes of the Lucas Common, Patch and Bulldozer but to name a few that occasionally tip the scales at 50lb.

Swan Lake
Swan Lake is another specimen water, again tree lined at about 12acres. Fished from two banks, the north bank being deeper than the south. With little weed to contend with, the features you are looking for are hard spots on the lake bed.

England’s Ultimate Carp Fishing Water
Home to our biggest Carp with the Two Tone Common, The Box Common, The Perfect Common and Dave topping out at 58lb in 2019 and several 40’s including the battle hardened Scar Common and the 46lb Grass, there aren’t to many people that wouldn’t be able to potentially beat their PB.

A particle approach accounts from most catches with zigs being a popular method then conditions allow.

River Nene

The Carp Lake
The main river around Bluebell Lakes is about 2 miles in length with only a handful of pegs. Full of Tench, Bream, Roach, Chub Etc, with some specimen Carp along the way to over 30lb. Popular for Pike in the Winter.

Willow Creek, A delightful tree lined, River Nene backwater, starts with a tumbling weir off the main River which runs through the middle of the complex and rejoins. Lots of big Chub, occasional carp. Popular for Pike and Perch in the Winter. Big Nets of silver fish are also possible.