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Carp Catfish
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Carp Catfish
Fishery Information

Willowcroft Fisheries in Cambridgeshire offers a unique fishing experience on their purpose-built complex. They have a variety of lakes to choose from, with different types of fish available.

Six Islands Lake is for members only, with carp up to 48lbs and catfish up to 68lbs. The lake is 8 acres with many island features and easily accessible swims. It costs £24 for 2 rods for 24 hours or £30 for 3 rods.

Seadyke Lake is a day ticket only lake with carp up to 20lbs. Day tickets cost £6 per rod.

Cafe Lake has carp up to 38lbs and catfish up to 40lbs. It is a day and night fishing lake, with prices starting at £9 for 1 rod.

Grandad’s Lake costs £6 for 1 rod and is open for pleasure fishing.

Match Lakes are available for match fishing at a cost of £6 per person.

There are strict rules for pleasure fishing, including no oversize hooks, no barbed hooks, no treble hooks, and no live or dead baits. Fishermen must report and pay at reception before fishing, and are responsible for their litter. No dogs are allowed on certain lakes. Fishermen must use the correct equipment and follow catch and release rules.

Overall, Willowcroft Fisheries offers a range of fishing experiences for all levels of fishermen, with beautiful lakes and a focus on conservation and responsible fishing practices.