River Mersey

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River Mersey
Millers Bridge Industrial Estate

L20 1
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Fishery Information

The Port of Liverpool Sea Angling Federation (POLSAF) have a new website
which has all the details about affiliated clubs, rules, areas where we
can fish, etc. so if your thinking of trying the docks this winter for
the Cod that seasonally show up in the River Mersey. Sea fishing at Seaforth Dock, Alex Wall and other marks within the Freeport complex is always popular during winter as the venue is safe
and secure and usually protected from the worst of the winter storms.
Normal beach or rock fishing gear is all that is needed as long casts
are not required. Undoubtedly the best bait for the winter season Cod is
black lug and peeler crab (if you can get it).During the warmer
months there is a good chance of catching Thornback Ray from Alexendra
Dock Wall or Alex Wall as the mark is called, using Sandeel and/or Squid
as bait.