Sandiway Lakes

Carp Pike Tench
Fishery Information
Sandiway Lakes
Overdale Lane

CW8 2
Fish Species
Carp Tench Pike Perch Bream
Fishery Information

Sandiway Lakes in Cheshire is a private lake for members only. It’s a big lake, 53 acres in size, which can seem overwhelming to some anglers. But if you take the time to explore and find the best spots, you can catch some really big fish. The bottom of the lake is mostly sandy, with depths ranging from 6 to 30 feet. In the summer, the water is clear and there’s lots of weed growth in some areas. There are about 30 fishing spots around the lake, all good for staying overnight. Anglers are allowed to fish for up to 3 nights and use up to 3 fishing rods.

The lake is home to some really big carp, tench, and bream. There are also pike and roach in the lake. We’re not sure about the original carp in the lake, but we’ve been carefully stocking it with new fish that have the potential to grow big. So far, we’ve stocked 60 carp, with the biggest one weighing 29.5 pounds. The average size of the stocked fish was around 17 pounds, but most of them have grown to be in the mid-20s after just a few years.