River Greta

Fishery Information
River Greta
Lake Road

CA12 5
Fish Species
Carp Perch Roach
Fishery Information

The River Greta in Cumbria is different from the larger lakes in the area, like Derwent Water. Derwent Water is not very deep, only about twenty feet on average. This makes it a great place for fish to live, so there are more fish in this lake compared to others nearby.

There are trout in the lake, and some of them are quite big. Fishing for trout with a fly from a boat is a good idea, especially at the beginning of the season or during the mayfly hatch in June. After that, it’s not as easy to catch trout.

Perch and roach are also in the lake in large numbers. Perch are plentiful and are usually a good size, with some really big ones around. Roach also do well in this lake, but not many people fish for them.

Because there is so much food in the lake, many anglers now try to catch pike. There are a lot of pike in the lake, and some can weigh over 20 pounds. People catch pike here regularly.