Blagdon Farm

Carp Tench
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Blagdon Farm

EX21 5DF
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Carp Tench Roach Rudd
Fishery Information

We’re really proud of our 1.5 acre coarse fishing lake which is stocked with Carp and a wide variety of silver fish.

There are some good sized Common, Ghost and Mirror Carp and some big Grass Carp that can be quite elusive.  There is a plentiful supply of Rudd and Roach of all sizes, as well as a good selection of other silver fish including Tench and Orfe.  As we are not a commercial fishery the lake is not over-fished and therefore the fish are all in excellent condition.

There are some deeper holes 3 rod lengths away from the bank but most fish are caught on the ledges.  The deeper holes are around the Southern end with depths up to 30ft, but averaging about 5ft.  There are records of fish up to 14lb being caught here and we know there are bigger fish out there!  Recent catches have included a 16lb Grass Carp.

Blagdon Farm is now a Pallatrax Associated Fishery – and apart from benefitting from their expertise in water and ecology management, we are stockists for the excellent bait that Pallatrax manufacture in North Devon – just a few miles up the road. Guests and day-fisher folk can purchase Pallatrax bait and tackle direct from reception at Blagdon Farm.