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Ardleigh Reservoir Fishery Office
Clover Way, Ardleigh, Colchester

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Fishery Information

Fishing at Ardleigh Reservoir

Ardleigh Reservoir nestles in a picturesque valley amid beautiful Constable country just north of Colchester off the A137 Colchester to Ipswich Road and less than a two minute drive away from the A12.

The reservoir was opened in 1971 and beside its primary water supply also supports two major sports – fishing and sailing.

The main reservoir covers around 120 acres and there are also two smaller lakes situated at each end of the main reservoir.

Ardleigh Reservoir holds carp to more than 40lbs, pike to more than 25lbs and large shoals of bream, many more than 10lbs each.

In recent years we have built up a good stock of roach and rudd and there are also perch, tench and some eels as well.

The two smaller lakes are the Ramada Lake which is next to the hotel on the western arm of the reservoir and the Wick Lane Lake which is at the northern arm of the reservoir.

Wick Lane Lake extends to 12 acres and has every species of fish that can be found in the main reservoir with the exception of pike. It has proved very popular with match anglers as it can accommodate up to 30 anglers in a match and fishes particularly well in the summer months.

The three acre Ramada Lake is ideal for beginners as it is almost guaranteed to catch fish here.

Permits can be bought from the Fishing Lodge or, if it not open, from our self-service kiosk which is open 24 hours a day. Buying a permit enables anglers to fish from dawn until dusk.

Night fishing is only available to season permit holders.

The only close season at Ardleigh is for pike fishing when we are closed in March and April.

Boats are available to hire apart, from March and April, and must be booked at least 48 hours in advance.