Glen's Pit

Fishery Information
Fishery Information

Glen Faba is situated in what can only be described as a very sensitive area being unique due to unusual complexities of access to the Lake, the ownership of the surrounding land, and the need to protect and develop the biodiversity of the site as a whole.
Therefore it is imperative that as this fishery is opened for angling there are a number of stipulations put in place to protect the lake’s integrity, flora and fauna, and prevent any angling associated use of the lake from offending neighboring residents and landowners.
In view of this, it has become necessary to ensure all potential members formally apply to the Fisheries in writing whereby all applications will be assessed.
Glen Faba is a mature gravel pit of almost 120 acres in size. The lake is a maze of gravel bars, islands, points, and bays with silty depths of 25 to over 30ft in many places, hence location is the key to catching, and currently, there are no designated swims.
Once located the fish are not always difficult to catch. However, this lake has never been officially stocked and the exceptionally low stock levels in such naturally rich water have led to high growth rates.
This water is a conservation area and fish are frequently seen in the margins of the numerous secluded bays. The water suits the mobile angler as the low stocking level means that fish location is paramount.