Passingford Pond

Carp Tench
Fishery Information
Fish Species
Carp Tench Perch Rudd Crucian Carp
Fishery Information

This is a small attractive farm pond for members and guests only. Books of three guest tickets are available from the Secretary in advance. Ten levels, mostly grassed swims surround this natural quiet pond, with three different colored lilies and reed-covered edges this is a really attractive pond, where an enjoyable day or evening can be spent. The size of the pond and the lily pads lends it to float fishing either running line or pole. The pond was stocked by the Society back in 1986 with carp to augment the existing inhabitants of the pond. Now along with Carp of up to 20lbs, there are Crucians to 3lbs, Tench to 5lbs, Rudd to 1.5lbs, Perch to 3lbs, and a few Chub. Parking is only 20 yards from the pond, making this an ideal venue for those that cannot walk too far. The pond is open all year round 24 hours a day.