River Stour

Carp Pike
Fishery Information
River Stour
Sky Hall Hill, Colchester

CO4 5
Fish Species
Carp Pike Perch Bream Roach
Fishery Information

The river section known as Langham begins in the second field below Boxted Mill and continues for a mile and a half to the downstream boundary, marked by a club sign. The first half of the river from the upstream boundary down to the pool at the Langham Pumping Station is a streamy stretch, generally shallow with reed or lily margins. About halfway down this top section, there is a flume, where the water slides down through a narrow concrete construction and a few large stones, generating an area of oxygenated water.
Chub, face, and roach are the main species; chub are present throughout, with fish to 4lbs. There are a few bream up to 7lbs towards the top end and during Winter there can be some good roach fishing in the deeper water above the flume. Below the flume similar species are present and in both sections, 500 small barbels were stocked in 2002. In addition, there are a small number of barbel present from earlier stockings, which have been caught to over 11lbs.
At the pool, known as the Lowlift pool, the river slows and deepens and returns to the style seen upstream of Boxted Mill.
Good chub, bream, perch, and carp have all been caught from this section, along with pike to around 14lbs. Again, during Winter or times of increased flow, there are good nets of roach, perch, dace, and gudgeon caught to stick float tactics. Fishing continues past the junction of the River Box with the Stour for about 150 yards.