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The Warren Fishery
The Warren Fishery Ltd.,Wharf Road,Stanford-le-hope

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The Warren Fishery in Stanford-le-hope is an established water set in the remains of the old gravel quarry, sitting on a bed of chalk that runs the Thames estuary. Many quarries were once in operation along the Thames, Gravel, Chalk and Lime, from the Mucking Creek end right through to where the Dartford/Purfleet crossing is and beyond.

Fortunately for the Warren today, the chalk aquifer rises up and feeds the waters, keeping them clear and fresh, the slightly brackish water is due to the proximity of the sea and the high PH seems to keep the fish growth compact and feisty.

The complex is set in approximately 32 acres of lands, and comprises of 4 distinct lakes all with their own unique character. The Main Lake is our specimen water, containing most freshwater species of good size. There are also the Square Lake, Tench Lake and the Match Lake. Please see each lake page for more detail.

Many changes have beset the Warren, the Shell angling section acquired the lease around 1970 (we believe) and started a programme of aqua-forming and improvement for the benefit of both refinery workers and the general public.

In about 2008, Shell decided to withdraw their support and interest, after having moved away from the area and the Shell Club and Fishery were up for new ownership. The Shell Club became the Springhouse Club and the Shell angling section at the Warren became The Warren Fishery Limited, this was finalised in 2012.

Since becoming The Warren Fishery Limited, many improvements have taken place, most noticeably the handsome toilet block that was built in 2014, but also many other improvements, ranging from stocking fish, netting, fish husbandry, swim building, swim renovations bankside work and car park improvements.

Since a local outbreak of KHV in 2015, we have adopted a net dipping regime, which must include all nets, sacks, unhooking mats and cradles etc. This is strictly reinforced and so far has prevented the spread here.

Day Ticket fishing is available on all lakes, with the exception of the Tench lake at present. Just turn up, set up, and the bailiff will be round.