Gold Valley Lakes

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Gold Valley Lakes
Government Rd, Aldershot GU11 2PT

GU11 2PT
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Fishery Information

An original natural lake that was extended in the early 1930s’. Depths now vary between 3ft and 8ft with forty-five well-spaced swims around the six-acre lake.

Peg 10 holds the current record of 174 lbs for the Angling Times Winter League.

Peg 15 holds the U.K. 4 ½ hour match record of 308 lbs-13oz.

100 lb plus match weights have been recorded from every peg on Gold Lake, the best non Carp winning weight being 98 lbs of Bream from peg 6, a magnificent catch taken by Dave Schofield.

All pegs can produce on the waggler whether fished as wag & mag up in the water or fished at a fuller depth over groundbait or loose feed. One of the most popular methods on Gold lake is a float rod of 13ft to 20ft, fished close in with luncheon meat or worm. Some big pleasure catches (60 or 70 fish a day) have been taken on this reasonably easy way to fish, the favourite pegs for this method are on the canal bank (pegs 1 – 23).

Fishing at a distance, either with a feeder or big waggler is another style that produces big catches. Feedered maggots in the winter and feedered groundbait in the summer being the general rule of thumb.

The pole fishing on Gold is unsurpassed, with double figure weights of prime roach from most pegs, add to these some bream, perch, tench, crucians and a few common or mirror carp and 40 lb or 50 lb is on the cards.

Gold lake is favoured by the majority of night or long stay anglers who target the big Carp, double rod fishing in conjunction with boilies or meat resulting in many personal bests being achieved.