Turnford Complex - Marsh Pit

Carp Pike Tench
Fishery Information
Turnford Complex - Marsh Pit
Slipe Lane, Wormley,

EN10 6
Fish Species
Carp Tench Pike Perch Bream Roach Rudd
Fishery Information

This is the pit for the true nature lover. Most of this pit is under SSSI rules (Site of Special Scientific Interest), which means that we cannot do much work to the banks and the surroundings. One end is overgrown with platforms pushing out to fishable positions; the other sides have swims cut in to the bank side growth.

Generally shallow, with a labyrinth of islands, arms and reed lined bays, there is something to please everyone.

The pit holds Carp to 40lbs plus it is densely populated with Rudd and Tench, this is what Summer fishing is all about. Even in Winter good catches can be had.

Rudd can be found anywhere and are very obliging. It won’t take long to amass a substantial catch. Don’t be surprised to find the odd specimen tucked away in the reed beds in one of the many bays.

Tench can be a little more discerning, especially with the abundance of natural food available. The lake is very shallow with extensive weed growth so some hard work is necessary. However, the rewards are there with multiple catches of fish to around 8lbs quite possible.

Bream, Roach, and Perch are also present, but not in the same numbers.

Pike are quite numerous, probably due to the numbers of Rudd. The bank running parallel with the path and the bottom bay offer the deepest water and Pike are always present. Although noted for Jack Pike, the lake holds the Consortium Pike record of 31lbs.