New & Old Dowells River

Carp Pike Tench
Fishery Information
New & Old Dowells River
Rhee Wall, Appledore,

TN26 2
Fish Species
Carp Tench Pike
Fishery Information

Dowels River is a stretch of water with a norrow drainage system extending extending from the Royal Military Canal at Appledore. Normally average depths of between 4-8ft and around 30ft wide but in the summer months heavy weed extends out from the banks to create a narrow fishable channel.
This water contains some magnificent, yet shy specimen including bream averaging 6lbs, tench averaging 6lbs, roach averaging 1lb, carp averaging 10lbs and pike to 20lbs. The fish are extremely shy and if you are careful, can often be seen in the margins discolouring the water and slurping in the weed, if you hook a big fish, it may pay to move along as the commotion may have sent the others elsewhere.
Large baits work well here with the old favourites like worm, flake or corn bunches with plenty of loose feed. This water is set in the fantastic Sussex surroundings, is hardly fished and will probably throw up some very big surprises for the mobile angler.