Tenterden Trout Waters

Fishery Information
Tenterden Trout Waters
Chennell Park Road, Tenterden,

TN30 6
Fishery Information

Tenterden Trout Waters, established in 1975, was one of the first still water fisheries in South East England. The owners Barry and Audrey Evans still personally manage the fishery.
Tenterden Trout Waters are situated in a picturesque and peaceful location in the Weald of Kent, just a few minutes from the thriving town of Tenterden.
The two smaller lakes despite their size, are surprisingly deep and well stocked with a good head of fish. All of the lakes have large retainer baskets placed around the banks in which anglers can put fish caught. They then select their limit at the end of the fishing session. There is agreed limit of 10 fish that can be caught. All other fish are then returned to the lake. Alternatively, anglers can return fish directly to the water. In this way a successful ‘catch and release’ system has been adopted and developed.
All the lakes are stocked with rainbow and brown trout, ranging in size from 1.5lbs to 12lbs. Numerous fish in the 3lb to 6lb class are caught every season.
Floating and intermediate lines take the most fish, though sinkers may be useful for exploring the deeper areas. Popular flies at this fishery include Goldhead’s successful patterns such as the ‘Green Grizzly Beetle’ and the locally famous ‘Coopers Yellow’. These are sold on site if your require stocks. Montana nymphs are found to work well in the colder months. Midge dominate the natural fly life and provide the perfect imitative fishing possibilities, the most common being differing size black midges and some green. Damsel flies are also present in large numbers during the season. Barbless hooks may be used should the angler so wish, but most fish are caught with standard hooks.