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Sycamore Lakes
Sycamore Lakes Park,
Skegness Rd, Burgh le Marsh, Skegness

PE24 5LN
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Carp Tench Perch Roach Rudd
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Fishery Information

Welcome to Sycamore Lakes Park

Whatever your interests may it be touring & camping, staying in the cottages, log cabins or apartments, becoming a lodge owner or just a days fishing you can guarantee a warm welcome by Joy, Jose & the team.

Island fishing lake

Two acre waters: depth 5′ -6′ level slightly varying with deeper hole north end of the island. This lake has many features, one of which is an island on the south end of the lake. The mature pine trees are good for shade or shelter in both summer and winter. This can be fished by crossing a renovated railway bridge (originally from Willoughby, another local village).

All the pegs around the perimeter of the island have produced good weights of tench and silver fish. Carp also have been caught consistently in all areas of this lake, quite often in the margins. On the other side of the lake are large clumps of water lily beds where large fish hang out in the Summer. It is an excellent Tench lake; some fish are up to 7lb.

This lake is at the side of the log cabins, therefore a favourite for out guests, also conveniently near to the cafeteria.

Specimen fishing lake

This is our Carp lake and is popular for ledgering. The majority of the Carp are 12lb. to 28lb. Also there are stocks of Rudd, Roach, Tench and Perch. The lake is six foot deep. Two and half acres water, 6ft depth. Rectangular expanse of water, favoured method of fishing here is ledgering. Tree lined banks on the east side, cool & shaded in the early mornings, but can be a sun trap when the sun moves around by midday.

East and south end good for those anglers that like to be a little private. The opposite end has two huge trees where lots of large fish stop in the evenings. We have regular restocking programme during the winter months with “Home Grown” fish from our fish farm.

Roadside Fishing Lake

Roadside Lake has one and a half acres water, 6ft depth, shallower in the margins, many feature water lily beds etc. Level, easily accessible banks near to the holiday cottages. The majority of this lake is easily accessible.

Only the north side has slightly steep banks but between the large willows there are a few excellent pegs mainly used by float fishermen (heavy elastic advisable). The size of the lake can be misleading, this lake also has many large fish.

Woodland fishing lake

Three sides of which are surrounded with a young woodland. The south side of the lake has a mown bank which sometimes is used for picnics. This lake is ideal for pole fishing. Two acres of water, 8ft – 9ft depth, sloping off to 2ft near the shallows.

The Woodland lake is fished by all anglers but the north and east banks of this lake are now private and are reserved for the static caravan owners. The island has a 1m shelf all around it, with an accurate cast or a long pole section here you can have a good day tench and carp fishing.

At the other end of the lake is a semi circular area we call the shallows. Along the south side of this lake are pegs 1 – 10 available for day ticket customers. Water lilies give good cover for the fish and this area as well as the perimeter of the island can be a magnet for fish. Woodland is fished by all anglers, unless a prior match booking has been made. Main Species: Tench, small Carp(non over 15lb), Roach, Perch & Rudd.

Fishing prices
Weekly (£40 – 1 Rod) (£70 – 2 Rods) (£80 – 3 Rods)
Daily (£8 – 1 Rod) (£14 – 2 Rods)
Afternoon Tickets – 5pm till dusk (£4 – 1 Rod) (£7 – 2 Rods)
OAPS & Disabled (£7 – 1 Rod)
Under 14’s (£5 – 1 Rod)
Day tickets available from the tackle shop and on bankside.