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Since its establishment in the 19th Century, Old Bury Hill Lake has earned a well-deserved reputation as a renowned fishery. Throughout the 1950s, it was celebrated for its exceptional sport with magnificent tench and pike. In the following decades, particularly the 1960s and 1970s, it gained fame as one of the country’s premier pleasure and match venues. Anglers from far and wide would journey for miles to grace its banks and partake in regular competitions.

In recent times, the angling landscape at Old Bury Hill Lake has evolved. While the original lake is no longer accessible for fishing, the transformation of the site into three additional lakes, coupled with meticulous fishery management and substantial investments, has propelled Bury Hill to new heights. It has emerged as an unparalleled mixed coarse fishery, attracting both specimen hunters and pleasure anglers from distant locales.

The stunning Temple Lake takes center stage, boasting picturesque reed-fringed banks and captivating islands that add an air of mystery. In addition, the lower valley accommodates two smaller lakes, namely Bonds and Milton. These lakes, purposefully designed and created in the early 1990s, cater specifically to the needs of specimen and pleasure anglers. Offering prolific fishing opportunities, they contribute to the diverse appeal of Bury Hill as an all-round angling destination.

Whether you seek the thrill of pursuing specimen fish or the joy of leisurely angling, Bury Hill’s array of lakes and the careful attention given to their management make it an unrivaled destination for anglers of all preferences, drawing enthusiasts from far and wide.