Colnbrook West

Carp Tench
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Colnbrook West
Lakeside Road

SL3 0
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Carp Tench Bream
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Fishery Information

Colnbrook, located in the Slough district of Berkshire, England, is a village situated within the historic boundaries of Buckinghamshire. It is known for its scenic location, with two distributaries of the Colne River running through it: the Colne Brook and the Wraysbury River.

Within the village, there is a four and a half acre fishing venue that operates on a season ticket basis. This means that only individuals with valid season tickets are permitted to fish in this area. The venue is known to have a good population of Carp, Tench, Silvers, and Bream, making it an attractive location for anglers.

Visitors to Colnbrook can enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding area, with the Colne Brook and Wraysbury River adding to the village’s charm. It provides a tranquil setting for fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers alik