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Eastbrookend Country Park
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The Eastbrookend Country Park, located in the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham, is a well-designed park that offers a range of recreational activities and natural features for visitors to enjoy. The park was created through extensive landscaping efforts starting in 1991, and it officially opened in June 1995. Since then, it has continued to develop and provide various amenities and attractions.

The park boasts diverse wildlife areas, including woodlands and wildflower meadows, which offer opportunities for nature exploration and observation. Additionally, there is a community orchard, providing a space for residents to engage in gardening activities and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Fishing enthusiasts can take advantage of the fishing lakes within the park, where they can engage in angling activities. The lakes provide opportunities for relaxation and enjoying the natural surroundings.

For those interested in learning about the park’s flora and fauna, there is a self-guided nature trail. This circular trail starts and ends at the Discovery Centre, which serves as the central hub for visitors in the Dagenham Corridor. The Discovery Centre is an environmentally-friendly building that offers various amenities and facilities.

Inside the Discovery Centre, visitors can find a café and seating area to relax and enjoy refreshments. The centre also houses public toilets, including accessible facilities and baby changing facilities, ensuring the comfort and convenience of park visitors. An education room is available for school visits, events, and private room hire, providing a space for educational programs and community gatherings.

Furthermore, the park features a network of footpaths and cycle ways, allowing visitors to explore the expansive parkland on foot or by bicycle. This encourages outdoor recreation and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Bicycle racks are conveniently provided for cyclists to safely secure their bikes while enjoying the park’s amenities.

Overall, Eastbrookend Country Park offers a well-rounded experience for visitors, combining natural beauty, recreational activities, educational opportunities, and sustainable infrastructure.