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Jack's Lake
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Fishery Information

HAPS (Hadley Angling Preservation Society) is a small and friendly fishing club that was established in 1982 with the purpose of managing fishing activities at Jack’s Lake in Hadley Woods, Barnet, Hertfordshire. The lake is open to both club members and day ticket holders, providing opportunities for anglers of all backgrounds to enjoy the fishing experience.

Jack’s Lake offers a total of 44 fishing pegs, with 27 pegs available for day ticket holders and the remaining pegs exclusively reserved for club members. This arrangement ensures that there are ample fishing spots for both regular members and visitors to the lake. The lake is known for hosting various species of fish, including carp that can reach weights of up to 26 pounds, bream up to 7 pounds, and roach. Additionally, anglers can target tench weighing around 6 pounds, chub weighing around 4 pounds, pike weighing up to 18 pounds, as well as rudd, gudgeon, and occasionally eels and barbel.

In addition to providing access to fishing, HAPS organizes matches and coach outings for its club members. These events offer opportunities for friendly competition and socializing among fellow anglers within the club.

Whether you are a club member or a day ticket holder, Jack’s Lake and the activities organized by HAPS provide a welcoming and enjoyable fishing experience, with the chance to catch a variety of fish species in a serene natural setting.