The Dell

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The Dell
Berwick Pond Road

RM13 9EJ
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Introducing our newest addition to the complex, The Dell. This beautiful water operates as a syndicate, catering to a membership of 60 avid anglers.

Originally excavated in 2005/2006 as an irrigation reservoir to support the neighboring farmers’ fields, The Dell has steadily matured over time. With its vast expanse, the lake boasts an abundance of features, including scattered bars and varying depths ranging from 2 to 18 feet.

Impeccably designed, the lake offers 20 carefully constructed swims, meeting the highest standards for angling comfort and convenience.

Home to approximately 200 carp, The Dell holds a diverse population that includes numerous twenties and over 30 thirties, with a remarkable 39-pound common among them. At present, we proudly house two forties, with the current lake record standing at an impressive 45 pounds and 5 ounces. Additionally, there are several smaller fish weighing over 10 pounds that have thrived since their hatching three years ago.

Our facilities are unparalleled, starting with electric gates that allow you to enter the lake premises without stepping out of your vehicle. A spacious and well-maintained car park provides ample parking space for our members.

Further amenities include a lodge, equipped with a top-notch 5-star kitchen featuring a fridge and freezer for storing your food and bait. We also offer two separate cubicles, each housing an electric shower, ensuring a refreshing experience for all. In addition, a flush toilet and a continuous supply of fresh running water are readily available.

To maintain the health and well-being of our fish, we provide every angler with a landing net, unhooking mat, and weigh sling. This precautionary measure helps prevent any potential cross-contamination of diseases, safeguarding the overall ecosystem.

For added peace of mind and assistance, we have an on-site bailiff readily available to address any concerns or queries you may have during your angling experience at The Dell.