Tylers Common Fishery

Fishery Information
Tylers Common Fishery
Nags Head Lane

RM14 1TS
Fish Species
Carp Bream Roach
Fishery Information

With an impressive establishment of 13 years, Tylers Common has swiftly gained recognition as one of the premier commercial fisheries in the southeast. Its reputation has attracted renowned anglers such as Bob Nudd, Matt Hayes, and Alex Bones, all eager to experience the superb fishing opportunities available.

This exceptional fishery has been featured in numerous magazine articles, covering a wide range of angling pursuits from specimen Bream angling to thriving winter match fishing.

At Tylers Common, anglers can expect a diverse catch, ranging from 3-pound Roach to 30-pound Carp, 9-pound Barbel to 12-pound Bream, or even enjoy the thrill of landing 200-pound+ bags of carp off the surface.

On-site, you will find well-maintained brick-built flush toilet facilities for your convenience. Refreshments are also available during weekends.

The beautifully landscaped 25-acre site features four lakes, each with its own unique charm and angling opportunities.

Please note that night fishing is not permitted at Tylers Common Fishery, although we do offer night fishing options at our other lakes in Braintree or Cambridge.

Our lakes can be booked for club matches or corporate fishing events, providing an excellent venue for organized angling competitions or team-building activities.

To ensure the preservation of our fish population, strict regulations are in place. Fish removal from any of our lakes is strictly prohibited, and offenders will be prosecuted.

Safety is of utmost importance. Please exercise caution around deep water areas.

Anglers are required to use barbless hooks only. Additionally, the maximum amount of ground bait allowed is 1kg per person.

Keepnets are permitted exclusively during organized matches and must be a minimum of 10ft in length. It is crucial to refrain from retaining fish for longer than 6 hours to safeguard their well-being.

For the safety of all visitors, children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

We kindly ask that no dogs are brought onto the fishery premises at any time.

All individuals entering or parking at Tylers Common Fishery do so at their own risk. Please take necessary precautions and be mindful of your surroundings.

To maintain a clean and pleasant environment, open fires or disposable barbeques are strictly prohibited. Additionally, it is essential to leave no litter behind, ensuring the site remains pristine for all to enjoy.