Denham Lake

Carp Pike
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Denham Lake
Denham Court Drive

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Fishery Information

Denham Lake offers anglers two distinct sections to choose from: the gravels and the upstream area near the golf club. Each section provides a different fishing experience, allowing anglers to enjoy total seclusion or a more social fishing environment.

The upstream section of the lake has been overgrown and unmanaged in the past due to the presence of pennywort, an invasive species. However, the Environment Agency has now taken measures to control the pennywort, and work will soon begin to restore the fishing platforms in this area. Once restored, anglers can expect a tranquil paradise, undisturbed except for the occasional screech of a White Egret or the drumming of a woodpecker.

On the central gravels, anglers have the opportunity to engage in a variety of coarse angling techniques. Whether you prefer targeting barbel with a lump of luncheon meat or delicately presenting a stick float through the stream, the fishing possibilities are diverse. Many anglers have experienced personal best catches in this area, making it an exciting and rewarding fishing destination.

Whether you seek solitude or enjoy a social fishing experience, Denham Lake offers a range of options to cater to different angling preferences. Enjoy the serene surroundings, the sound of nature, and the chance to achieve personal angling milestones at this picturesque fishing location.