Knightscote Ponds

Carp Tench
Fishery Information
Knightscote Ponds
Breakspear Road North

UB9 6
Fish Species
Carp Tench Perch Rudd Crucian Carp
Fishery Information

Knightscote Pond, located near the renowned Harefield Tackle, is a hidden treasure of the Uxbridge Rover fishing club. This ancient pond is a true gem, especially cherished by the club’s junior members. It is teeming with small fish, providing the perfect opportunity for young anglers to experience the joy of catching their first fish. The peaceful and picturesque surroundings make it an ideal venue for memorable fishing moments.

In recent years, senior members of the club have also discovered the delights of Knightscote Pond. The pond offers non-stop float action, attracting anglers of all ages. The presence of lilies, small weed beds, and well-defined margins makes it easy to identify productive fishing spots.

Despite its modest size, the fish in Knightscote Pond are remarkable in appearance and steadily increasing in weight as the years go by. The pond primarily holds Crucians, Rudd, and Tench, which form the backbone of the fish population. Occasionally, the excitement is heightened with the capture of a lively carp, keeping anglers on their toes.

Whether you have a few spare hours after work and want to unwind or you’re keen to introduce children to the joys of fishing, Knightscote Pond is the perfect venue. Its accessibility, serene atmosphere, and abundance of fish make it an excellent choice for anglers seeking a peaceful and enjoyable fishing experience.