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Fishery Information

Boundary Park is a fishing venue located in partnership with the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds). The park consists of three lakes: Queens Lake, Shepherds Lake, and Bear Lake.

Queens Lake is known for its roach, carp, and bream populations. Anglers can enjoy fishing for these species in a peaceful and natural setting.

Shepherds Lake also offers opportunities to catch roach, carp, bream, rudd, tench, and chub. It provides a diverse range of fish for anglers to target and offers a pleasant fishing experience.

Bear Lake is primarily focused on carp fishing. This lake is home to a variety of carp, as well as other species such as roach, rudd, and tench. Anglers can enjoy using waggler or whip techniques for an entertaining fishing experience.

Please note that Silver Membership is required to fish at Boundary Park, and certain rules and regulations are in place, such as no night fishing and the presence of a height barrier at the entrance. Day tickets are not available, but weekly and annual permits can be obtained at the Beach Club next door.

One of the benefits of Boundary Park’s location is the opportunity to enjoy the surrounding wildlife. The park attracts various bird species, including Red Kites, Marsh Harriers, Kestrels, and Barn Owls, allowing visitors to appreciate both fishing and wildlife observation in one place.