Bridge Farm Fisheries

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Carp Perch Rudd Orfe Hybrids
Fishery Information

Bridge Farm Fishery is home to two well-stocked coarse lakes that provide excellent angling opportunities. The lakes are abundant with various fish species, including carp weighing up to 24 pounds, ghost carp up to 21 pounds, tench, roach, rudd, orfe, chub, and goldfish. Whether you’re targeting carp or looking for a mixed-species fishing experience, these lakes offer a diverse range of fish to challenge and entertain anglers.

In addition to the fishing opportunities, Bridge Farm Fishery takes pride in being disabled friendly, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the sport of angling. The fishery provides accessible facilities, including wheelchair-friendly access to the lakes and amenities.

To cater to the needs of anglers, Bridge Farm Fishery offers convenient amenities such as bait and tackle supplies on-site, ensuring you have everything you need for a successful fishing session. The fishery also provides toilet facilities for anglers’ convenience. If you need refreshments during your fishing trip, snacks and drinks are available, allowing you to stay energized and focused on your angling adventure.

Bridge Farm Fishery strives to create an enjoyable fishing experience for all anglers, providing a well-stocked fishery, accessible facilities, and necessary amenities.