Cross Drove Fishery

Carp Catfish Tench
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Cross Drove Fishery
Cowles Drove

IP26 4JQ
Fish Species
Carp Tench Perch Catfish Bream Roach Rudd
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Fishery Information

Cross Drove Fishery offers anglers a fantastic angling experience on the Norfolk and Suffolk border. The fishing lake is large and provides a variety of angling opportunities suitable for all levels of fishing expertise.

The lake is characterized by its unique features, including over 20 islands, bridges, mini waterways, and a variety of reeds, trees, and bushes. These elements create a diverse and interesting fishing environment that resembles a collection of separate lakes. To enhance the fishing experience, the lake is divided into different “peg sections,” allowing anglers to choose their preferred fishing spots.

Each peg section offers its own distinct fishing experience, providing anglers with a variety of options and challenges. Whether you prefer fishing near islands, bridges, or among reeds and vegetation, Cross Drove Fishery has something to suit your fishing style.

By breaking up the lake into peg sections, Cross Drove Fishery ensures that anglers can explore different areas and enjoy a range of fishing experiences within the same expansive lake. This setup adds an element of excitement and exploration to your angling adventure.

If you’re looking for a fishing venue that offers diverse angling opportunities, stunning surroundings, and a sense of discovery, Cross Drove Fishery on the Norfolk and Suffolk border is an excellent choice.