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Mallard Lake is a mature and picturesque 2-acre water located in the fishery complex. It was the first lake created on the site in 1990, transforming a former potato field into the beautiful fishing venue it is today. The lake offers a variety of features, including depths ranging from 2 to 12 feet, weed and lily beds, overhanging trees, bushes, and three islands, creating an attractive and diverse environment for both fish and anglers.

The fish in Mallard Lake are all English and have grown naturally without artificial assistance. The lake boasts a strong strain of fish and an abundance of natural food sources, allowing the fish to reach impressive sizes. Anglers can expect to encounter homegrown Common and Mirror Carp exceeding 20 pounds, Tench weighing over 4 pounds, and Wels Catfish surpassing 50 pounds. These fish provide a rewarding challenge for competent anglers, and the lake is known for its specimen-sized fish.

While the majority of Carp caught in recent times range from 8 to 15 pounds, larger and older fish are known to elude capture, adding an extra element of excitement and skill to the fishing experience. Anglers who are up for the challenge may attempt to outwit these elusive specimens and successfully land them.

Limited season permits are available for fishing in Mallard Lake, and there is a waiting list in place. To be added to the waiting list, interested anglers will undergo a detailed reference process.

The image slideshow on the website showcases some of the magnificent fish that reside in this fabulous fishery, giving anglers a glimpse of the impressive specimens they may encounter during their fishing sessions.