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Dilham Fishery, located near Dilham in Norfolk, is a disabled-friendly fishing venue that offers a range of fishing opportunities. The fishery spans 2.5 acres of land, with a 0.75 acre lake and 19 swims available for anglers.

The fishery operates on both day ticket and season ticket basis, allowing anglers to choose the option that suits their preferences. It is also used for matches on weekends, providing a competitive angling experience for those interested in participating.

The lake at Dilham Fishery is well stocked with a variety of coarse fish, including rudd, carp, and roach. Anglers are required to have a valid Environment Agency rod license and pay a rod fee to fish in the lake.

The lake itself is a picturesque setting, featuring two islands and a central promontory. The fishery has been thoughtfully designed to create a scenic and enjoyable angling environment. With its abundant fish population and constant water level throughout the year, Dilham Fishery is highly regarded as one of the best fisheries in the area.

Operating as a commercial fishery, Dilham Fishery is open seven days a week, attracting anglers of all skill levels. The attractive layout, spring water supply, and diverse fish stock make it a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts seeking a rewarding and enjoyable fishing experience.