Rocklands Mere Fishery

Trout Tench
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Rocklands Mere Fishery
Rocklands Mere Fishery,
Chapel Street, Rockland St Peter, Attleborough,

NR17 1UJ
Fish Species
Tench Perch Roach Rudd Crucian Carp
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Fishery Information

Members & Pre-Booked Day Tickets Only.

Rocklands Mere Fishery offers both trout and coarse fishing in the idyllic surroundings of the peaceful Norfolk countryside.

However experienced or whatever your angling preference, Rocklands Mere Fishery caters for all your needs. Whether it be stalking brown trout in the margins with a dry fly on the trout lake, or awaiting your first Crucian Carp of the day next to the lily pads on the old mere.

The trout lake is stocked regularly with extremely hard fighting rainbow and brown trout which, because of the catch and release policy, reach a very respectable size. The lake is renowned for its hatches of alder and sedge during the spring and summer months as well as the obvious buzzer hatches which ensure fantastic surface fishing.

The old mere is nestled amongst mature woodland and is a haven for wildlife. Kingfishers, barn owls and water voles frequent the banks of the lake.

Species include Crucians, Tench, Perch, Roach and Rudd, all of which reach specimen proportions.

Trout Lake

Opening times

Gates open at 8.00am. No anglers allowed on the fishery before this time.

Close at Dusk

2021 Prices
Premium Membership – Unlimited sessions. 2 Fish/week + Catch & Release £500

Standard Membership – 25 sessions. 2 fish/session £350

Day tickets – 2 fish + Catch & Release £25
Barbless/de-barbed flies only – No Boobies!
All brown trout to be returned.
All fish over 4lb to be returned.
x2 Flies Maximum.
No rod sharing allowed.
Catching or allocation of fish for other anglers in prohibited.
NO “Teaching” or instruction other than by James.
Please would all anglers fill in the returns book before leaving the fishery.
Please do not leave tackle/bags around the lake when you are not fishing.
Catch & Release is not limited by number, but common sense applies. Catching 20 from a shoal of freshly stocked fish is NOT acceptable and you WILL be asked leave the fishery.
No spectators/guests/partners are allowed at the lakeside, anglers with a valid ticket only.
(updated) VERY well behaved dogs permitted with anglers.

Catch & release is permitted but must be done so
under the following guidelines

For the fishery to function on a catch & release basis it is essential that anglers follow a few simple guidelines set out below.

NEVER take a fish out of the water for long periods, either in a net or by hand

Try to ensure that the fish are touched as little as possible. If you are to handle this fish ensure that it is in the water and that you have wet hands

Platforms have been constructed around the banks to enable anglers to get to the waters edge, please make use of them when releasing fish.

Always ensure that leader/tippet material is strong enough to enable you to play the fish quickly and safely so that it can be unhooked without being too fatigued

Monitor the fish after it has been released, if it looks as if it is not going to survive it must be killed quickly and humanely so that it is not allowed to go back to the water in poor condition.

We must ensure that we set a good example to other anglers and the general public alike and treat each trout with the respect that it deserves

These guidelines are to safeguard the stock and ensure that the fish remain in immaculate condition in which they were stocked.

Coarse Lake

Pre-Booked day tickets only

Only members and anglers that have emailed and booked a space will be allowed to fish, no arrivals otherwise.

To book a day ticket please email [email protected]

The Old Mere

The Mere was created in the early 1940’s due to peat extraction which at the time was used to heat the local houses in the village of Rockland St Peter. The Mere was then left to flood and over the years a wet woodland habitat developed. In 2001 James Harrold bought the Mere and surrounding woodland and after a lot of hard work, time and effort Rocklands Mere Fishery was born.

Being just over an acre in size and full of features, it lends itself perfectly to traditional float fishing tactics. Depths vary from 4 – 6 feet and Norfolk reed, reed mace, broadleaved pondweed and stonewort, not to mention the extensive lily pads provide an excellent habitat for the fish, sadly somewhat of a rarity on many waters today.

Rocklands Mere Fishery is proud to be one of only a handful of waters in the country to hold true Crucian Carp, a species which is sadly in decline, particularly in Norfolk.
Preferring the shelter of overhanging trees and bankside vegetation, most Crucians are caught on traditional waggler tactics fished close to the margins. Baits such as maggots, breadflake, sweetcorn and casters will all work, with larger baits such as luncheon meat or pellets seeming to deter the smaller roach & rudd.

Day tickets £10.00
Group bookings – exclusive use £100.00/day


All anglers to pre book a ticket and gain padlock code before fishing
Early starts by arrangement only.
Barbless/microbarbed hooks only
No keepnets
No night fishing
No spectators, guests, hangers on – Only anglers with a ticket can access the lake.
As this is not a typical commercial fishery, we feel that we don’t have to impose the rules associated with one and trust the anglers to use…COMMON SENSE..!!!