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Sparham Pools offers fishing opportunities on Square Meadow Lake, Boundary Lake, Island Pool, and Sparham Pools. The fishing season varies depending on the specific lake or pool.

On Square Meadow Lake, Boundary Lake, and Island Pool, fishing is permitted from 1st April to 31st January, covering a majority of the year. However, it’s important to note that sections of the bank on Square Meadow and Island Pool closest to the river are closed for angling from 1st October until the end of the season. This closure aims to protect the fish and maintain the integrity of the fishing experience.

For Sparham Pools, fishing is allowed from 16th June to 14th March, providing anglers with an extended fishing season compared to the other lakes and pools on the premises.

These seasonal regulations ensure that fishing activities align with the natural cycles and conservation efforts, allowing for sustainable angling practices and the protection of fish populations.

Whether you choose to fish Square Meadow Lake, Boundary Lake, Island Pool, or Sparham Pools, you can enjoy a diverse angling experience in a picturesque setting. From the variety of fish species to the peaceful surroundings, Sparham Pools offers an inviting destination for anglers of all levels.