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A fishing complex, located on over 50 acres of gravel workings, consisting of two small and three large pits. The depth of the pits ranges from 3 to 20 feet, with variations occurring within just a few feet due to the presence of bars and peninsulas.

The lakes boast a fantastic stock of fish, including a superb population of roach, with specimens weighing over 2 pounds. There is also a growing number of bream, reaching weights of up to 15 pounds, and a healthy population of tench ranging from 3 to 8 pounds. Anglers can also target perch, including the occasional large specimen, as well as crucian carp, common carp, and pike. During winter, it is common to catch pike weighing over 25 pounds.

In addition to the lakes, the fishing complex offers a three-quarter mile stretch of the River Wensum. This section of the river provides opportunities to catch good-sized roach, dace, chub, and pike.

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