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Biggin Lake Fishery is a picturesque seven-acre lake situated in the Northamptonshire countryside, north of the town of Oundle. The fishery offers a well-stocked lake that caters to a variety of angling preferences.

Anglers can enjoy targeting a range of species at Biggin Lake. The lake holds roach weighing up to 1 pound, rudd reaching 1 pound, crucian carp up to 2 pounds, bream up to 6 1/2 pounds, and tench up to 5 pounds. Additionally, there are mirror, common, and ghost carp present in the lake, with an average weight of around 6 pounds. It’s worth noting that there have been reports of carp exceeding 20 pounds, with the lake record nearing 30 pounds. These carp provide exciting opportunities for anglers seeking larger specimens.

Various angling tactics can be employed successfully at Biggin Lake. Whether you prefer pole fishing, waggler fishing, or feeder fishing, all methods have their place and can yield good results. Baits such as pellet, meat, and corn are known to produce better weights throughout the year, providing anglers with consistent catches.

A top tip for anglers fishing at Biggin Lake is to try using catmeat down the margins on the pole if there are suitable features present. This tactic can lead to exceptional sport, with carp weighing up to 20 pounds regularly being caught during the warmer months. It’s a strategy that can bring exciting and rewarding results.

Overall, Biggin Lake Fishery offers a well-stocked and diverse angling experience in a picturesque countryside setting. Whether you’re targeting roach, rudd, crucians, bream, tench, or carp, there are opportunities for enjoyable fishing throughout the year.