Billing Aquadrome Match Lakes

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Billing Aquadrome Match Lakes
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Fishery Information

Billing Aquadrome offers a fantastic fishing experience for anglers and their families. With a variety of lakes and waterways, including the River Nene, anglers of all ages and abilities can enjoy the tranquility and excitement of fishing.

The park features three pleasure lakes, a specimen carp lake, and other waterways, providing plenty of options for anglers to explore. Whether you prefer pleasure fishing, match fishing, or targeting specimen carp, there is something for everyone.

The fisheries team at Billing Aquadrome maintains the highest standards of care to ensure a great fishing experience for all anglers. With over 50 pegs available, you’ll have ample space to set up your fishing spot. The swims are regularly patrolled by 24-hour security for your peace of mind, and many pegs allow for convenient vehicle parking right alongside.

During the day, you can enjoy hot drinks, snacks, and amenities to keep you refreshed and energized. As the day turns into evening, you can relax, unwind, and celebrate your successful catches in the park’s extensive bar, lounge, and restaurant facilities.

When it comes to the fish species you can target, Billing Aquadrome offers a diverse range. You can fish for carp, including common mirror carp and ghost carp, as well as other species like pike, roach, bream, tench, golden tench, and rudd. Whether you’re aiming for a trophy catch or enjoying a day of leisurely fishing, the park provides opportunities to pursue your preferred species.

Billing Aquadrome is dedicated to providing a top-notch fishing experience, ensuring that anglers of all levels can enjoy their time on the water and create lasting memories with their families.