Ecton Lakes

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Ecton Lakes
Grendon Road, Junc 10 A45,
Near Earls Barton, Northampton,

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The Ecton Lakes Complex

Ecton Lakes is a complex of outstanding beauty, set in 100 acres of peaceful countryside in the Nene Valley. The Complex boasts 4 mature picturesque lakes dug in the 1960’s and 1.5 miles of the River Nene. The fishing has matured over the years just like the Carp.

The Lakes have produced Mirror and Common Carp to over 40lb, and many other specimen targets making many anglers smile over the last 2 decades.

Our annual syndicate prices for our complex are as follow:

All Lakes & River – £525

Ecton Lake – £375

Jigsaw Lake – £375

Clover Lake – £250

Ecton & Jigsaw – £475

Ecton & Clover – £450

Jigsaw & Clover – £450

River (additional) – £25

Ecton Big Lake

Although 38 acres in size, it is not a large intimidating water, as it has over 8 acres of islands running down the centre of the lake. All the swims are well spread and the situation of the islands give you your own water with no interference from opposite or neighbouring anglers and there is parking directly behind some of the swims.

It is estimated that the stock of carp would be around 100 plus with a handful of Nene Valley originals mixed with stockings from Fishers Pond, Future Fisheries and VS Fisheries and now our very own Ecton bred carp.

Original Mirrors and Commons have been caught to 47lbs including a stunning linear (as seen on the Home page) that has come out 46lb 12oz in 2019 the lake boasts typical Nene Valley Commons to near 40lb along with other mirrors who also break the magical mark.

The Clover

A lovely picturesque fishery of 5.5 acres, with easy access to all the swims. The lake is heavily stocked with Carp and has produced Mirror’s and Common’s over 30lb

A prolific water, suitable for those who like a regular bend in the rod, the Carp in here can be caught on all methods and its ideal for a spot of floater fishing on a quiet day or stalking the margin. A stealthfull approach always helps but no special tactics required. Lots of our members choose to fish Clover through the Winter to keep the bites coming!

The Glebe

A little slice of heaven situated at the top of the complex, with lots of work carried out over recent years including an otter fence. The Glebe will give anglers the chance to fish for hand selected carp of our home grown strain for years to come.

Common Carp to 42lb Mirror carp to 38lb and growing! with some amazing stocked fish coming through a few of these are visible on our future tab. The lake is a weedy, rich lake with some amazing rewards to be caught !

The Jigsaw

18 Acres in size and a real Carp anglers paradise with many reed lined bays, little nooks and crannies which almost divide the lake into a series of smaller lakes, offering real privacy when you are fishing, you almost feel like you have a lake to yourself!

Not an easy lake but the average size carp is very high and well worth a bit of effort to catch one of Jigsaw’s Jewels. The Commons and the Mirrors go in excess of 40lb, The fish stocked in 2009 now exceed 35lb and believe it or not we still feel there is definitely one or 2 surprises to be caught and in this day and age that is fast becoming a rare thing!