Maxey Pit No. 4

Carp Pike Catfish Tench
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Maxey Pit No. 4
Quarry Lane

Fish Species
Carp Tench Pike Catfish
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Fishery Information

Maxey Fisheries is a members-only coarse and carp fishing syndicate located in the tranquil countryside of Maxey village, approximately 9 miles north of Peterborough. This fishery offers a serene and relaxing environment for anglers to enjoy their fishing pursuits.

The fishery comprises five lakes, each offering a unique angling experience. The lakes are well-stocked with a large number of carp, including specimens exceeding 30lbs in weight. Additionally, anglers can target catfish weighing up to 35lbs, pike reaching 25lbs, and tench.

Maxey Fisheries caters to both specimen and pleasure angling, providing a diverse range of fishing opportunities. The syndicate membership ensures a more exclusive and peaceful fishing experience for its members. Whether you are seeking a challenging catch or simply looking to unwind in nature, Maxey Fisheries offers an ideal setting for anglers of various skill levels and preferences.

Situated in the peaceful countryside, Maxey Fisheries provides a tranquil escape where members can enjoy the beauty of nature while engaging in their favorite angling activities. With its well-stocked lakes and picturesque surroundings, this fishery invites members to experience the joy of fishing in a serene and natural environment.