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Naseby Reservoir is a significant water body, spanning an impressive 93 acres when at full capacity. Originally constructed to provide water for the Grand Union Canal Leicester line, this reservoir also supplies water to the Welford Arm in Welford village through its feeder stream, located approximately two miles away.

Anglers visiting Naseby Reservoir can look forward to a well-stocked fishery. The reservoir is home to Fishers Pond strain carp, which can reach weights close to 40lb. The average carp size typically ranges from 8lb to 30lb, offering a rewarding fishing experience. Additionally, Naseby Reservoir boasts a substantial population of roach, often found in large shoals along the dam wall. It is not uncommon to achieve impressive catches of silvers, exceeding 50lb.

During periods of high water levels, particularly after a wet winter, the pegs located on the dam wall platforms provide accessible fishing spots and are known to be productive areas for winter pike fishing. Naseby Reservoir has seen pike catches exceeding 30lb in the past. As the water levels decrease in the summer and autumn, anglers have the opportunity to fish from the gravel reservoir bed, enhancing the fishing experience.

Whether you’re targeting carp, roach, or pike, Naseby Reservoir offers diverse angling opportunities throughout the year.