Sywell Reservoir

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Sywell offers anglers the opportunity to fish on a picturesque 67-acre lake that was originally constructed in the Edwardian era as a water supply reservoir for Rushden and Higham Ferrers. While it no longer serves as a drinking water source, Sywell has gained recognition as one of the top tench fisheries in the country.

The lake at Sywell is known for its impressive tench population, with specimens weighing over 12lb having been caught. On average, anglers can expect tench in the vicinity of 7lb, providing a rewarding challenge for those targeting this species. In addition to tench, the fishery is home to pike that reach weights exceeding 30lb, roach that can surpass 2lbs, and a significant population of perch and rudd.

With its diverse range of species and the reputation for its tench fishing, Sywell attracts anglers seeking a rewarding angling experience. Whether you’re targeting tench, pike, roach, perch, or rudd, the lake offers the opportunity to encounter quality specimens and enjoy the tranquility of this historic fishing venue.