Allen Valley Angling and Conservation

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Allen Valley Angling and Conservation
2 Brideshill Cottages
Thornley Gate
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Fishery Information

AVAC (Allen Valley Angling & Conservation) is an organization founded in 2011 by Paul Frear, a passionate environmentalist and fishing enthusiast. The primary objective of AVAC is to promote fishing on the River East Allen while also focusing on the conservation and preservation of the river ecosystem.

AVAC holds fishing rights on a significant portion of the river, stretching from above Allenheads to below Allen Mill Bridge. Additionally, AVAC also offers fishing opportunities at Coatenhill Reservoir, located near Spartylea. All of AVAC’s fishing locations are situated within the breathtaking North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The main target species for fishing in the area is the wild brown trout, although anglers occasionally land sea trout, and there have been recorded instances of salmon catches as well.

AVAC warmly welcomes new members who share a love for fishing and conservation. In addition to membership, AVAC also provides day tickets, allowing both local anglers and visitors to enjoy the river’s bountiful fishing opportunities.