Bestwood Duck Pond

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Carp Roach
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Fishery Information

Bestwood Duck Pond is a highly regarded fishing complex managed by the Association. It consists of five well-established lakes set in beautiful wooded surroundings. Anglers can enjoy a variety of fishing experiences in these ponds, as they are home to a range of fish species, from small Roach to large Carp.

However, it’s important to note that there are specific rules regarding the use of bivvies in each pond. Some ponds may not allow the use of bivvies, and instead require anglers to use fishing shelters based on the principle of an umbrella, with spokes radiating from a central point. Any shelter that deviates from this design will be considered a bivvie, regardless of its name or form.

Access to the Bestwood Duck Pond complex requires a key, which is available to members of the Association. With approximately 150 pegs available, the complex offers a wide range of fishing opportunities to cater to the preferences of all anglers.

Overall, Bestwood Duck Pond is considered a jewel within the Association, offering a picturesque setting and diverse fishing experiences for its members.