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Grantham Canal
Bridge 35 Smite Aquaduct to Bridge 39 Hose

Melton Mowbray
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Fishery Information

The Grantham Canal, except for the dry section, is home to a variety of fish species and offers fishing opportunities for anglers. Different angling clubs and associations have fishing rights along various stretches of the canal:

1. Nottingham Anglers Association: Fishing rights from Lady Bay Bridge (N° 2) to Hollygate Lane Bridge (N°15), covering a total of 5¼ miles. For more information, contact the Secretary, David Turner, at 0115 9199500.

2. Parkside Angling Club: Fishing rights from Wild’s Bridge (N° 26) to Irish Jack’s Bridge (N° 27). Contact the Secretary at 0115 9787350.

3. Barnstone Angling Club: Fishing rights from Barkestone New Bridge (N° 51) to Redmile Mill Bridge (N° 53). Reach out to the Secretary at 01949 861325.

4. Ropsley Angling Club: Fishing rights from Redmile Mill Bridge (N° 53) to Redmile Bridge (N° 54). The Chairman, Chris Robinson, can be contacted at 29 School Lane, Ropsley, Grantham, or by phone at 01476 585579.

5. Bottesford Angling Association: Fishing rights from Redmile Bridge (N° 54) to Woolsthorpe Top Lock. Contact the Chairman, Mr M. Calcraft, at 18 Beckinsale Drive, Bottesford, Notts, or by phone at 01949 842776.

6. Grantham Angling Association: Fishing rights from Woolsthorpe Top Lock to Earlesfield Lane bridge in Grantham. Visit their website at or get in touch with them at 01476 568533 or 07827722885 (mobile).

Each club or association may have specific rules and regulations regarding fishing on the Grantham Canal, so it’s advisable to contact them directly for further details and any membership requirements.