Langold Lake

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Tench Bream Roach
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Fishery Information

Langold Country Park features a large fishing lake as one of its attractions. Situated within the park’s 300-acre area, the fishing lake offers anglers a serene and picturesque setting to enjoy their favorite pastime.

The lake provides opportunities for fishing enthusiasts to engage in a variety of angling activities. Whether you prefer coarse fishing or enjoy targeting specific species, the fishing lake at Langold Country Park caters to different preferences.

Surrounded by woodlands, wildlife and butterfly meadows, and open grassed areas, the fishing lake provides a tranquil environment for anglers to connect with nature while pursuing their hobby. The park’s designation as a Local Nature Reserve ensures the preservation of the surrounding ecosystem, adding to the overall appeal of the fishing experience.

Families and visitors to Langold Country Park can enjoy the beauty of the fishing lake as part of their overall park experience. With its diverse range of amenities, including play areas and various recreational opportunities, the park offers something for everyone to enjoy throughout the year.