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Newlands Ponds Fishery
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Newlands Ponds, located in Clipstone, Nottinghamshire, is a complex consisting of four lakes that offer excellent parking and easy access for anglers. The main attraction for many anglers is the opportunity to catch quality Roach and Skimmers in these ponds. It is common to achieve large nets of Skimmers weighing up to 2lbs when using pellet, paste, or small pieces of luncheon meat as bait. Additionally, Carp weighing over 10lbs can be found in the ponds, along with Tench, Perch, and occasionally Chub.

Moderate ground baiting is allowed, but anglers are advised to use it in moderation. Keep in mind that No1 Pond may experience low water levels at times, which may result in a ban on keepnets. It is important to observe all posted notices and regulations.

Access to Newlands Ponds is restricted to members only, and night fishing is strictly prohibited. The use of Bivvies (shelters) and Boilies (a type of bait) is not allowed. Anglers will require a key to access the ponds. There is no closed season, and the ponds are open for fishing throughout the year.

Please be aware that No 4 pond is affected by overhead power cables. Fishing beyond the designated signs is not permitted, and only poles are allowed for fishing—rods and reels are prohibited in this area.

Overall, Newlands Ponds offer a variety of fishing opportunities with a focus on Roach and Skimmer fishing. The complex provides a convenient location with adequate facilities for anglers to enjoy their fishing experiences.