River Soar

Fishery Information
River Soar
Kingston Lane

DE74 2
Fish Species
Bream Roach
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Fishery Information

The River Soar in Kegworth offers fishing opportunities exclusively to members, as day tickets are not available for this water. Match bookings are accepted for visiting clubs, with up to 45 pegs available.

On the downstream end of the river’s ‘horseshoe’ section, you’ll find narrow boat moorings on the opposite side. These moorings serve as holding areas for chub and bream, and on the right day, they can yield excellent catches. It’s important to exercise caution when casting to avoid hitting boats, and be mindful not to scatter loose feed where it might land on a boat.

The remaining pegs along the river on this marsh area can also provide exceptional catches of roach, chub, and bream. Anglers can expect a rewarding fishing experience in this stretch.

Additionally, there is a 10-peg stretch just below the bridge, which can be accessed by walking under the bridge from the “horseshoe” marsh. This particular section offers excellent chub pegs and provides enjoyable fishing for all other species as well.

Whether you’re targeting chub, roach, bream, or other species, the River Soar in Kegworth offers a diverse angling experience for members, with the potential for fruitful catches in various areas along the river.