Shireoaks Lakes

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Shireoaks Lakes

S81 8
Fish Species
Carp Perch Bream Roach
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Fishery Information

Shireoaks Lakes is a beautiful fishing venue comprising of three lakes, with the top lake currently closed. The main two lakes offer fantastic fishing opportunities. As you enter, the first pond greets you with picturesque surroundings, accompanied by the presence of an old monastery building on the left. This pond is abundant in Carp, boasting a higher population compared to the middle lake. Additionally, you can find a variety of course fish such as roach, perch, skimmers, and bream.

The middle pond provides a tranquil and scenic setting, often used for match fishing. It is known for its larger Carp compared to the first pond. The average weight of Carp in the middle lake is around 10 lbs, with reports of a mystery fish rumored to reach 22 lbs. The largest Carp caught so far is a mirror named Scar, weighing in at 19 lbs. In addition to Carp, the middle lake offers opportunities to catch roach weighing up to 2 lb 8 oz, tench up to 5 lb, bream up to 5 or 6 lb, as well as skimmers and perch.

Whether you prefer the abundance of Carp in the first pond or the prospect of catching larger Carp in the middle pond, Shireoaks Lakes provides an enjoyable angling experience with a variety of species to target.